Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Tuakana teina day!

           Tuakana Teina Day!
    Wednesday 19 September 2018

Walt Ako/learning from each other and learning with each other.

We went to Room 3 for Tuakana teina day. Mrs Fepulea'i was telling some stories about her sister in a earthquake. Mrs Gormly showed us a video of how to make a earthquake proof house that is made from a box. So we were put in our groups and we tried to make a earthquake proof house from a milk for schools box. Our group planned the house on paper for a model to copy. Once we complete our paper model we got a box and started on our house. We put little inflatable packaging inside our box for a little airbag. Then we went outside with Mrs Gormly to test a normal box to see how it goes she put her phone on top with an app that can detect movement. So we went back to our box to finish. After lunch I was not here so the rest of my group finished it.

Boxing Pax feedback

         Boxing Pax feedback.
Walt learn how to box using the 3 commandments.

When I first went to boxing I thought we were going to punch some bags but I realised it was more of a discipline kinda way. So I thought to myself this might be fun. So I wanted to go and I was right it was fun in a way. First my gloves were sweaty and I wanted to quit but I did not give up and I learnt self discipline.
The three commandments

I will have respect to my coach,my peers and the sport of boxing

Discipline I will have discipline to turn up to every boxing session and give my 100%

Safety I will not cause harm to others and only practice boxing in a safe environment under the guidance of a coach.

I would love to do this again.

Monday, 17 September 2018



Ms Bracey gave us 1 piece of magazine paper.
Then she gave us some scissors. She told us to fold it into a
triangle then told us to cut the oblong shape off.

Firstly, she gave us instructions to make a chatterbox.  
So we observed the information of how to make a chatterbox,
so we can have fun.

Secondly,  we made our chatterbox toy.
We followed the instructions to make a chatterbox.
I looked at Milan's chatterbox to observe more information.

Lastly, we played with our new paper chatterbox toy,

It looked like a monsters mouth.

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Omg we made snow!!!!!

Omg we made snow!
Today in Room 8  29 of Aug 2018 we made snow.
Miss Bracey gave us a packet of magic snow.

Then she gave us 1 mini cup.
After that she filled it up with half a cup of water.
Then she gave us another mini cup.

We put the water on the cup with the snow powder/polymer
and it popped up like making a muffin.
It looked like snow but it was not cold.

Miss Bracey said we have 10 minutes to play with the

snow so we made one big snowman.

WALT: Experiment with polymer to write a recount from the experience.

Monday, 13 August 2018

boxing week 2

boxing week 2

pax told us to move in rock stanc first we went forward and then back and then we learnt new punches the hook and
the uppercut.

Me myslf and I

Me myself and I

Hi my name is Joshua and I am going to
explore the dormant volcano Rangitoto.
The first thing I need to do is
Get a survival kit in case it erupts on me.
The next thing is food in case I get hungry.
But there is a naughty side of me I
blamed my friend for lighting a fire on
I just turned ten and I got a bike for my
After golf practice I went to the dormant
volcano to have an adventure.
But I forgot my food so I had to survive
all by myself.
I was so scared I tripped on a stone. My
knee was bleeding. So I got my first aid kit
out of the survival pack and put a bandaid
on my knee. It was getting dark and I was
getting hungry so I got my pocket knife
and went hunting. An hour later I found
a pig and when I was going to kill it the
pig talked to me!? I was going to run
away but then he said ´Stop! Can you
help me? I am under a curse I really need
your help I need a potion that can turn me
back to human.´well okay. What is the
potion´ One spider eye one rabbet leg
one donkey heart and dog spit.
´ummmm´ good bye´ wait. Where did you
So when I went to find the ingredients for
the potion. The ground started to rumble
so I got the pig and went to my boat and
sailed away till it was safe. Just when the
volcano was going to erupt a earthquake
happened so I got an underwater breathe
mask and went under water. Then when the
earthquake ended I thought I was safe but
the volcano was still erupting.
I was very scared Because the water was
not safe It was starting to get hot so I got
out of the water and sailed away with the
pig.     Then I saw the sky tower fall!.

5 wś
Where Rangitoto
When after golf practice
What  forgot food
Why to explore
who myself Joshua

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Boxing week 1

boxing teacher Pax
Boxing Week 1 we learnt how to do a rock stance,a jab,a hook and combos. we go there every monday