Monday, 25 July 2016

joshua and the legend of the golden eggs

Joshua lived in a village when Joshua went
to get caritas from the farm he sees a golden goose ones he saw golden eggs and joshua was greedy and took the golden eggs and shod his mum and dad. So he went to prison for 10 years then he escaped from prison and he went back to his village and he saw the golden goose and put him in a box to lay his eggs and went to the beach and threw his gun in the water


  1. Hi Joshua,
    I think that you did a good job and you put a lot of time into this writing.Marbe next time you could tell everyone what he did after he put his gun in the water?

  2. Hi josh,
    I think this blog post is so cool but the images do not relate to the post good job keep it up and just a reminder places spell check

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  4. cool Joshua but add more detail next time.