Wednesday, 14 September 2016

walking to school

It was a glorious morning the sun was out the birds was twittering, the 3 girls were walking to school their names were Namy, Bridget and Pam they were jogging on the footpath and  they came to a dangerous bridge that was falling down. People got Badly hurt'' how are we going to get home now'' We can't go home because we don't know the way home'' let's go to school how do you see that suhoor over there yes we're going in'' i'm not sure
about that'' it's the only way home!''ok'' let's go  we're here at the school we did it!!!! be quiet!. there's a teacher right there''  she looked at us and took us home the end.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness Joshua, you have used lots of powerful words which make your story so interesting.. glorious.. twittering.. dangerous..
    And you have lots of dialogue with speech marks. Just amazing Joshua!
    I am so proud of you for trying your best to get this story done. You produce amazing stories when you work hard at them!