Tuesday, 27 June 2017


One man has visited Disney’s Californian theme park 2000 days in a row! Disney is used to adoring fans but Jeff Reitz has taken his fan status to a whole new level.
He marked the milestone on Thursday, using his Disneyland Resort annual pass which had enabled his trek to the park on a daily basis since January 1, 2012.
“When asked what he likes about the park, he said he likes all the shows and all the attractions but he did mention that he really likes to listen to the music in the park,” said John McClintock, a spokesman for the theme park.

Jeff is an Air Force veteran in his 40s who usually shows up after work and spends a few hours.

Monday, 26 June 2017


We raced to the last kiwi sport we played golden child it was based on the movie golden child we need 1 ball and one basket ball court


Children are divided into teams of 2
One team (the shooters) are to line up along the foul line, and the other team (the runners) are placed in the corner of the court
On the count of "GO", one runner begins to run around the perimeter of the court which is divided along the centre line (a half court game)
At the same time, the shooters begin to shoot from the foul line taking it in turns.
The runner is to keep running for the "home base"
If the shot is successful, the runner must freeze and a new one starts
The next runner can free each frozen runner by tapping him or her on the shoulder as he/she runs past
Number of runs and number of shots all get counted
Swap roles

Then we play line basket ball first divide to two teams equally!
In to lines one line on one side of the court one on the other side then one person calls out a number and that many run around the pole and get the ball in the middle and then it's like normal basket ball then we had to say goodbye but we might

See them again next time then we ran up the stairs and we had lunch i had a sandwich it was fun at basketball the end.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

we made fries

today we made fries first we got a bag of potatoes then we got 1 potato each and we pealed it then we
cut it in to sticks and we put it in oil in a bowl and we added sauces and lastly we baked them
its basically baked potatoes

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Persuasive writing - should all jobs get paid the same??

Every job should be paid the same!

I am against this issue because i think different jobs should get different pays.

Doctors should get paid a lot of money because they save lives. And teachers shouldn’t get that much money they only teach kids. Police should get paid lots because they save lives from robbers that try to kill people. And firemen save lives because when people are trapped in houses the fireman comes in with a little squirt gun and squirts the fire out. Robbers get paid $1.

Prison guards just feed them bread and water so they shouldn’t get paid a lot because they are strangling them. Nurses and doctors should get paid a lot because they save lives too.

Doctors and nurses should get paid loads and loads because they study hard as for it and they started like ten years and they had to pay lots and lots of money for it. When you work at a little shop like a little bar when you work at there you wont get paid a lot because you are only doing a little job not saving lives so its not important.

When you work at the warehouse you get paid in the middle because selling food and all that, they shouldn’t get paid a lot because they sell energy drinks that is bad for you. When you work at McDonalds like a food place they shouldn’t get paid a lot because they sell unhealthy stuff because they put too much sodium in the chips. If you work at like a bowling centre because bowling centres are really popular. At MOTAT they get $40 and at the zoo they get $70 every person and MOTAT and the zoo is really popular because at the zoo they people go there to look at animals they never seen before which is dangerous and which is nice like scorpions.

These are reasons why different jobs should be not paid the same.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Sunday, 11 June 2017

bananas bread?

bananas bread?
i think bannanas are yum but idk about bananas bread  

Thursday, 8 June 2017

should zoos exist yes or no?

should zoos exist i dont know 1 they can't survive in the wild 2 they might kill everyone 3 people might go hunting for them 4 penguins wont survive the heat so leave down in the comments should zoos exist yes or no

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

should fidget spinners be allowed in school????????

should fidget spinners be allowed in school?
leave it in the coments

cell phones should or shouldn't be allowed in school

i believe that cell phones should be allowed in school because you need to call your mum and dad
but it might get stolen so i'm both but you never know when you can find a rare pokemon on pokemon go
leave a comment for or against and i will announce it in my next post