Monday, 9 April 2018

Mokoia pa sgraffito

My sgraffito was about Mokoia Pa.

Mokoia Pa was a famous pa that had fertile soil used to grow fruit and vegetables to eat.
Mokoia Pa was fortified, this means protected against attack.
It was close to Tamaki River to catch fish to survive.
It got burnt down after the Chief died and now it is a church. Beside it was a graveyard some
graves that are up to 1836-1939 over 2 hundred years old.

I learnt that Mokoia Pa was around a long time ago.

My challenge was making it make sense.

By Joshua.    

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Impersonating Joshua

My name is Joshua. My age is 9. I hope to be a famous MJ impersonator. My parents names are Cindy and Randolph. and I go to Tamaki Primary School. I`m Maori,Samoan, and Niuen. I am good at imagining. I enjoy impersonating Michael Jackson. My challenges are spelling hard words, handwriting and division. I am looking forward to achieving my goals.

And I hope I can be a MJ impersonator. I hope to learn a lot to get a good job.