Thursday, 5 July 2018

Blackey the cat goes shopping

Hi my name is Joshua I live with my Mum and Dad. I have a cat named Blacky  she is black she has a white chin. my cat hates going shopping. I love going shopping because I can build forts out of toilet paper.

But Blackie has no idea I build forts when I got the leash Blackie knows we are taking her shopping Blackie hid under the bed she hid under the blanket but we found her. 'Come on Blackie let's go shopping Blackie wanted to stay home.

'Ok Blackie I am not going to show you the surprise 'MEAW!!' Blackie said in a good way 'That's got her attached to us' said Dad. when we arrived I saw Blackie bite the lead. she came to the car door and waited. But it was the wrong car. Haha silly cat' said Mum then when we went inside I saw the toilet paper section and I build a fort and took Blacky in it she looked like her mind exploded.

Next day she ran to the door with her lead 'ok Blacky we forgot some stuff so I don't see why not 'let's go shopping. MEAWWWW!!!!!!!!

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