Monday, 26 June 2017


We raced to the last kiwi sport we played golden child it was based on the movie golden child we need 1 ball and one basket ball court


Children are divided into teams of 2
One team (the shooters) are to line up along the foul line, and the other team (the runners) are placed in the corner of the court
On the count of "GO", one runner begins to run around the perimeter of the court which is divided along the centre line (a half court game)
At the same time, the shooters begin to shoot from the foul line taking it in turns.
The runner is to keep running for the "home base"
If the shot is successful, the runner must freeze and a new one starts
The next runner can free each frozen runner by tapping him or her on the shoulder as he/she runs past
Number of runs and number of shots all get counted
Swap roles

Then we play line basket ball first divide to two teams equally!
In to lines one line on one side of the court one on the other side then one person calls out a number and that many run around the pole and get the ball in the middle and then it's like normal basket ball then we had to say goodbye but we might

See them again next time then we ran up the stairs and we had lunch i had a sandwich it was fun at basketball the end.

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