Sunday, 3 September 2017

the snow leopard rescue

THE SNOW LEOPARD RESCUE I was going to the south pole and my dad said get warm because it is going to be real cold so i got my jackets and jumper when we were on the plane our seats were A 14 and B 14 and C 14 when we arrived i was so cold i had to wear 8 jumpers to get me warm again it was deserted and there were no houses or buildings i didn't know were i was going to sleep
Then my mum said “there is a hotel in the south pole but it is the only one’’.

When we arrived i looked out the window and my mum said “let's have a snowball fight
Then we had a snowball fight and i eat snow my mum said “don't eat the yellow snow
Then i saw a snow leopard i was scared but it was only a babyImage result for baby snow leopardit was so cold we brang him in because it was soo cute.

Then we rang the vet  and they took him in then they fixed him but it costed a couple thousand dollars then i had to say goodbye to the snow leopard i named it charlie
Then when we walked back the vet said “hold on you can keep it i'm friends with the pilot and i'm sure he will let you keep it then we lived happy ever after.

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