Monday, 16 October 2017

blind fold obstacourse

I came late so i signed in late and went to class i did not know what we were doing but i thought i did this before but the table were not in the right place.

I saw miss Ashley giving out blindfolds  ‘morning joshua morning reign morning kordell’ miss Ashley said kordell put the blindfold on then me and reign told him what to do run walk touch the ground kick in front it was sooooooo funny then it was reigns turn ‘how many fingers am i holdin ‘6 ‘reign asked politely’ nope’.

Reign ran walked turn around touch the ground it was soo funny looking at him but i did not have a turn because there was 3 of us but miss Ashley got me a turn i felt it was longer i had to go under a table then miss Ashley said we had to write about it.

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