Monday, 16 October 2017

experement monday

Room 7 walked with their hands behind there back but little Josh was moonwalking because he is a big fan of Michael Jackson we were heading to room 8 i did not know what we were going to do.

When we walked in we saw Miss Morrison sitting behind a plate a bottle of milk and three bottles of food coloring there was red,blue and green. Then she grabbed a carton of dishwashing soap.
I noticed there were plates on the tables 1 each for 1 table what Miss Morrison did she poured some milk on the plate then she added on some food coloring then she grabbed some earbuds “whattttttt i said like a girl and dropped it in the soap and pulled it out nice and carefully then put it in the plate with the food coloring and milk.

And it exploded with a galaxy of colors it was mind blowing it was fantastic it was magic it flashed across the water. Then Miss Morrison said to us we can get in groups i was with my friend Denzel miss Ashley went around the classroom with a bottle of milk miss Morrison dropped some food coloring on the plate the gave me a soapy earbud i said to Denzel do you want to do the honours to drop it Denzel said ‘nope you do it ‘ok’ i said ‘give me a countdown ‘ok ‘ the final countdown’ no not the song ‘oops’ sorry.

5 4 3 2 1 drop!!!    It expanded it it shot out then we had to carefully walk with the plate and we had to walk back to class but again Josh moonwalked to class.

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