Tuesday, 7 August 2018


FLIP Financial Literacy in Primary
PWC Price Waterhouse Coopers

When Price Waterhouse Coopers came to school we learnt about banking, identity and trust
Their name were Anibell and Richard. They handed out cards and books. The first card said who would
you trust? I said My mum My dad and My best friend Milan. The second card said what do want to
save up for? I wanted a pool table and it said how much is it worth and how much are you going to
save up for?

Week 2 PWC.  
When Price Waterhouse Coopers came back they got us to do a play they said find a
buddy so me and Milan teamed up
and we did a play about a BBQ set on fire.

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  1. Hello Joshua I like the way you said yous done a play about a BBQ set up on fire. I would like to know how yous done your play about the BBQ set on fire?. I like you to look at my blog if you want