Sunday, 6 August 2017


I was getting ready to go on a plane. we were going to niue. we will be staying in alofi said mum. i was excited.
My dad said it is not fancy like fiji the road is just dirt.
I packed my MJ clothes because i am a big fan of MJ.
I packed my sling shot.

But i said to mum who's going to look after blacky the cat
Mum said aunt Tiena is . when we arrived  at the airport
We went through customs dad had his pencil case and he forgot he had a knife and it was his favorite i felt sad.

Then i had mds then behind me was my cousins that i haven't seen is 5 years
. then i saw my uncle and aunt. we went on the same plane it was a movie plane
I watched king kong skull island. when we arrived i was sooooo hot that i took my shirt off.

We stayed at stone villasScreenshot 2017-08-07 at 12.34.56.png

It was cold in there the 2nd day we went snorkeling
My cousins jumped of a high rock and i wanted to but i was to scared about 2 mins later i jumped of it and after about 2 pm i got out and my cousin josephine saw a (uga) crab Screenshot 2017-08-07 at 13.52.22.png it was ...huge when i saw it and then josephine splashed water at it and then we went home i watched tv then i yawned and went to bed
3rd day we didn't do anything but i shot a chicken with my slingScreenshot 2017-08-07 at 14.03.13.png it was dinner. 4 day

The cave it was a glorious morning we went to my dad's and we pulled out a bin that had a pet uga# crab
I was so scared that i did a little pee in my pants
I felt it it was rock solid and we went home and went to bed 5 day last day the plane home i wear my mj clothes
And when we went through customs and the custom man said moonwalk

Image result for moonwalk gifand i did then on the plane passengers said michael jackson and i moonwalked 3 hour later we went thro the green lane and saw my family at the other side of the fence and i went home the end

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