Thursday, 15 June 2017

Persuasive writing - should all jobs get paid the same??

Every job should be paid the same!

I am against this issue because i think different jobs should get different pays.

Doctors should get paid a lot of money because they save lives. And teachers shouldn’t get that much money they only teach kids. Police should get paid lots because they save lives from robbers that try to kill people. And firemen save lives because when people are trapped in houses the fireman comes in with a little squirt gun and squirts the fire out. Robbers get paid $1.

Prison guards just feed them bread and water so they shouldn’t get paid a lot because they are strangling them. Nurses and doctors should get paid a lot because they save lives too.

Doctors and nurses should get paid loads and loads because they study hard as for it and they started like ten years and they had to pay lots and lots of money for it. When you work at a little shop like a little bar when you work at there you wont get paid a lot because you are only doing a little job not saving lives so its not important.

When you work at the warehouse you get paid in the middle because selling food and all that, they shouldn’t get paid a lot because they sell energy drinks that is bad for you. When you work at McDonalds like a food place they shouldn’t get paid a lot because they sell unhealthy stuff because they put too much sodium in the chips. If you work at like a bowling centre because bowling centres are really popular. At MOTAT they get $40 and at the zoo they get $70 every person and MOTAT and the zoo is really popular because at the zoo they people go there to look at animals they never seen before which is dangerous and which is nice like scorpions.

These are reasons why different jobs should be not paid the same.

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