Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The yoga challenge

When i walked in the class i started to play on my netbook and played and danced to Michael jackson songs. Then a new teacher came in her name was miss fepuleai. we were doing the yoga challenge the first one was hard we had to put our legs together and put our hands together in a circle.

The next one was 2 persons had to go on there knees and the person in the middle had to do a handstand next one was we had to put our feet in the middle and we had to hold hands in the opposite direction then we had to lean the farest we can lean with 5 people in the line it was crazy then  every body shouted '1 more "1 more "1 more!!!!!.

'ok said miss. 'Yay everybody shouted let's do that one. it was so hard we had to go in a circle lifting a person up then it ended i wanted to do one more but we didn't have time

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