Wednesday, 27 September 2017

space 3



Write a sentence using the word or phrase given to help explain what you know about the sun. For example...
Core- Energy is created in the centre of the sun, which is called the core of the sun.

Do these yourself:
100,000 - It takes 100,000 years for energy to get from the core of the sun to the surface (Merielle).

8 minutes - It only takes 8 minutes for light to get to earth (Lopi)

Surface - Energy travels outwards from the center of the sun to the surface (Merielle).

Light and heat - The sun creates light and heat so we can see in the daytime (Reign).
Sunlight -

Frozen ball -  without heat and light earth would be a frozen ball (Syraiah-Lee)

Sol - is the sun that has . (Joshua)

100 Earths - you can line up 100 earths around the sun(merielle)

1 million Earths - you can fit 1 million Earths inside the sun (Merielle)

Watch this video
Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 8.28.37 PM.png
Write a summary about the sun (50 words).
Think about…
What’s its other name? What does it do? How big is it? What are the two kinds of energy we get from the sun?

Sol is the other name for the sun. The sun is huge, 1 million Earths fit inside the sun. It takes 1 year for the Earth to go around the sun.
(Paula and Joshua)

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