Tuesday, 29 August 2017


we were on the bus getting ready to go to motat everyone was singing on the bus
and it was loud when we arrived we sat under a tent and we went to the big bubble
in motat it was big and warm

then we went to the pump house there was old machines
we went to the park and there was a whisper dish where one side you can
hear yourself on the other side. then we went to the tram to go to the other side and
take a photo.

we went on the tram to go back then we went the th jailhouse there was
persen ion there it had a knife in it  then we had to go to a classroom that
had old toys that cavemen were playing with we were there for half an hour then
we went back to school and went home.

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Michael jackson at the beach

Michael jackson at the beach
On a sunny day Michael jackson was going to the beach   to have a walk then his fans saw him they were screaming!!! At lunch time he was moonwalking on the footpath he was spinning so fast that his hair caught on fire and then he had to put his head in the water.

Michael saw his fans and he got trapped then michael shouted “security!!!and then and stanley shot a gun in the air and it hit a plane then stanley went to jail and Josh got tickets to Michaels show the end.
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Thursday, 10 August 2017


Michael jackson was doing fractions he moonwalked on it because it was lit but it was  hard so he went to the back yard then he played cards.
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there was a bean that had a friend named billie jean
and then michael jackson ate the bean and made billie jean clean

Sunday, 6 August 2017


I was getting ready to go on a plane. we were going to niue. we will be staying in alofi said mum. i was excited.
My dad said it is not fancy like fiji the road is just dirt.
I packed my MJ clothes because i am a big fan of MJ.
I packed my sling shot.

But i said to mum who's going to look after blacky the cat
Mum said aunt Tiena is . when we arrived  at the airport
We went through customs dad had his pencil case and he forgot he had a knife and it was his favorite i felt sad.

Then i had mds then behind me was my cousins that i haven't seen is 5 years
. then i saw my uncle and aunt. we went on the same plane it was a movie plane
I watched king kong skull island. when we arrived i was sooooo hot that i took my shirt off.

We stayed at stone villasScreenshot 2017-08-07 at 12.34.56.png

It was cold in there the 2nd day we went snorkeling
My cousins jumped of a high rock and i wanted to but i was to scared about 2 mins later i jumped of it and after about 2 pm i got out and my cousin josephine saw a (uga) crab Screenshot 2017-08-07 at 13.52.22.png it was ...huge when i saw it and then josephine splashed water at it and then we went home i watched tv then i yawned and went to bed
3rd day we didn't do anything but i shot a chicken with my slingScreenshot 2017-08-07 at 14.03.13.png it was dinner. 4 day

The cave it was a glorious morning we went to my dad's and we pulled out a bin that had a pet uga# crab
I was so scared that i did a little pee in my pants
I felt it it was rock solid and we went home and went to bed 5 day last day the plane home i wear my mj clothes
And when we went through customs and the custom man said moonwalk

Image result for moonwalk gifand i did then on the plane passengers said michael jackson and i moonwalked 3 hour later we went thro the green lane and saw my family at the other side of the fence and i went home the end