Tuesday, 20 September 2016

the runaway bride

A lady in a wedding dress was running away from a wedding because she didn't love her husband and she ran in a forest and she saw a blood eating lion and she tripped on her dress and fall in the mud and the blood eating lion was chasing her and she clambered up a tree and the lion ran away and she locked herself in a cupboard  and cried.

Monday, 19 September 2016

the invisible man

in the forest there lived a invisible man that had a secret lair  a secret button on one tree that had a password. some people say that the invisible man had killed more than 1000020056 people! and he had 50 guillotines and heads at the bottom of the guillotines he died from hungry blood eating wolves in 1982 the end.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

speed skills?

miss ashley showed us a game named speed skills my high score is ten it is so hard

speed skills?

miss ashley showed us a game named speed skills my high score is ten it is so hard


there was a wife and husband calibrating halloween they were hunting they had a shotgun and a postal'' i see a ram then we killed it  i see a bear trap then we avoid it and we made a camp and fire and they cooked some meat and went to bed and it was so cold as pile of snow the end

Tuesday, 6 September 2016


 me and room 6 went swimming again it was fun the pool was  cold we used  swimming boards for backstroke and front
 stroke and sidestroke 

the woods

 i was strolling in the woods and i heard a strange noise and i looked on top of a 10 foot tall tree and there were lots of birds and they knocked me off the ten foot tall tree and i hit the ground hard. '' get down tornado!!!!! 5 hours later'' oh where am i'' wonder woods'' who are you my name is buck a tornado brought you here you were knocked  out for 50 minutes the portal is here if you want to go home''i want to go home!'' ok ok'' i went thru the  portal and i was at my house the end.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

swimming#day 1

me and room 6 was swimming in panmure lagoon we went in a bus to the lagoon i was the last one to get changed in the changing room and we hoped in the pool and we learned  backstroke and kicking with our hips and played games  and we got changed and kids was running around and we got on the bus again and back to school.