Wednesday, 27 September 2017

space 3



Write a sentence using the word or phrase given to help explain what you know about the sun. For example...
Core- Energy is created in the centre of the sun, which is called the core of the sun.

Do these yourself:
100,000 - It takes 100,000 years for energy to get from the core of the sun to the surface (Merielle).

8 minutes - It only takes 8 minutes for light to get to earth (Lopi)

Surface - Energy travels outwards from the center of the sun to the surface (Merielle).

Light and heat - The sun creates light and heat so we can see in the daytime (Reign).
Sunlight -

Frozen ball -  without heat and light earth would be a frozen ball (Syraiah-Lee)

Sol - is the sun that has . (Joshua)

100 Earths - you can line up 100 earths around the sun(merielle)

1 million Earths - you can fit 1 million Earths inside the sun (Merielle)

Watch this video
Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 8.28.37 PM.png
Write a summary about the sun (50 words).
Think about…
What’s its other name? What does it do? How big is it? What are the two kinds of energy we get from the sun?

Sol is the other name for the sun. The sun is huge, 1 million Earths fit inside the sun. It takes 1 year for the Earth to go around the sun.
(Paula and Joshua)


We were in a line everyone was talking except for me.  when we arrived at the hall we practice
our social dances when 15 minutes passed we got chosen first  regain coralee were all scared but me i wasn't  that scared  then i fliped Reign over and moonwalked off     links     

ako evening 2017

I was in my Michael jackson clothes every one was suprised then i went to room 6 to see what they were up to then i went to room 3 and a boy said" as you can see there is a fidget spinner" what is it made of i said "ummmm i don't know" every body laghed then i went back to my class and then i went to room 6 again then i saw my mum and dadthey walked to my class.  so i played Smooth Criminal i danced then i asked my friend Stanley the artist to draw me it looked good.

then i went home had a shower and went to bed the end.

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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

the giant

I was getting ready to go to London i was excited to go to London i wanted to go to the London bridge when we arrived at the airport i saw a metal detector.

When i walked through the metal detector the alarm didn't go off whew we did it Mum said “we are about to go on the plane”. Yay” i screamed when we got on he plane i fell asleep 1 hour passes 2 hour passes 3 hour passes we were there.

At the airport i saw out the window a Giant lifting a bride “RUN!!” a man shouted we all ran to the janitor's closet for about 5 hours the Giant disappeared “WHERE SAFE”a man screamed calmly.

Then we went back home and never came back again.

THE END.Image result for plane

Monday, 18 September 2017

space number 2

LEARN part 2

Name of the planet
Which direction does it spin?
How long does it take to go around the sun one time? (How long is one year on this planet?)
How long does this planet take to rotate once? (How long is one day on this planet?)
How much smaller/bigger is this planet than Earth? (Only if you can find out, don’t stress!)
88 days
58d 15h 30m
116d 18h 0m
365 days
1.7 milliseconds
687 days
1d 0h 40m
12 years
0d 9h 56m
29.2 years
0d 10h 42m
37o days
0d 17h 14m
60,190 Earth days
0d 16h 6m

bloody pool

I was getting ready to go to the pools i was getting my goggles my Dad said there was a giant enormous slide i was excited. When we arrived i saw the enormous slide the pool was cold “Mum!! Can i go to the bathroom “ok “ when i arrived a kid fell off the slide he died on the ground there was lots of blood it got in the pool.

The life guard screamed “EVERYONE GET OUT OF THE POOL!!! “Everyone got out of the pool there Mum and Dad was crying  and the water changed magenta we got in the car and never returned again.


Sunday, 3 September 2017

the snow leopard rescue

THE SNOW LEOPARD RESCUE I was going to the south pole and my dad said get warm because it is going to be real cold so i got my jackets and jumper when we were on the plane our seats were A 14 and B 14 and C 14 when we arrived i was so cold i had to wear 8 jumpers to get me warm again it was deserted and there were no houses or buildings i didn't know were i was going to sleep
Then my mum said “there is a hotel in the south pole but it is the only one’’.

When we arrived i looked out the window and my mum said “let's have a snowball fight
Then we had a snowball fight and i eat snow my mum said “don't eat the yellow snow
Then i saw a snow leopard i was scared but it was only a babyImage result for baby snow leopardit was so cold we brang him in because it was soo cute.

Then we rang the vet  and they took him in then they fixed him but it costed a couple thousand dollars then i had to say goodbye to the snow leopard i named it charlie
Then when we walked back the vet said “hold on you can keep it i'm friends with the pilot and i'm sure he will let you keep it then we lived happy ever after.